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Love Like Only a Grandmother Can

Love Like Only a Grandmother Can

A month ago my life changed completely. I became a grandmother.

Over the past month I have looked at my grandson many times. Probably more than I should have, considering a lot of the time I’m supposed to spend writing, I have been spending just looking into his sweet little face. I realized one thing: I will love this little man every day for the rest of my life.

No love like a mother’s love for…

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ETP Enterprises turned 2 today!

ETP Enterprises turned 2 today!

Elmarié Porthouse turned 2 today!

Elmarié Porthouse turned 2 today!

Are Twitter Trolls Going After the Real Housewives of Melbourne?

Are Twitter Trolls Going After the Real Housewives of Melbourne?

Since the airing of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, bullying and especially cyber bullying is in the news again.

Twitter trolls are becoming the school yard bullies of the 21st century. With more and more cases of suicide due to trolls on the internet, the world is becoming more aware of this epidemic than ever before. The suicide of Charlotte Dawson was the final straw to make everyone realize…

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South African Humour Keeps the World Laughing

South Africans Love to Laugh

South Africans face a lot of adversity. But in a country where crime, poverty and unemployment is at the order of the day, the South African spirit still shines brightly. To every South African, humour can brighten even the darkest day.

south african humourSouth African humour keeps the country running

From the Oscar Pistorius trialthat grabbed the attention of the world to the upcoming national elections, one could…

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Freedom Day in South Africa - 27 April

Freedom Day in South Africa – 27 April

Every year on 27 April, South Africa celebrates Freedom Day. But in spite of Freedom Day celebrations being held across the country, one can’t help but ask how free the ordinary citizen in South Africa really is.

freedom day, south africa, cape town, table mountain

The beautiful Table Mountain with the harbour in front

Celebrating Freedom Day in South Africa

On 27 April 1994 the world sat in tense anticipation of a civil war to break out in South…

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Advice for Freelance Writers

Advice for Freelance Writers

Somehow questions seem to come in streams and this past week the questions people kept asking me over and over again all had to do with advice for freelance writers. It reminded me of the time I started out and did my first freelance writing job. Unfortunately there isn’t a kiosk out there somewhere where one can pay 25c and get some advice for freelance writers. No, I had to learn the hard way.

advice for freelance writers

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